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What do I do if my card has been lost or stolen? 

For a lost or stolen Visa® card, please call (800) 858-8874 or (765) 455-0500. After hours, please call (800) 289-5939

For a lost or stolen MasterCard® debit card, please call (800) 858-8874 or (765) 455-0500. After hours, please call (800) 523-4175.

How do I reorder checks? 

Reorder your checks easily online.

What is your routing number? 

The routing number of Financial Builders is 274974768.

Do you offer wire transfer services? 

Financial Builders provides wire transfer service as a convenient way for you to transfer money to another financial institution or receive money from another financial institution.

Incoming Wires

For an incoming wire transfer to Financial Builders, simply provide the originating financial institution/sender/payer with the following information:

Wire Funds to: 

Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union

ABA Routing # 271987635

Further Credit to:

Financial Builders

2828 S Lafountain

Kokomo, IN 46902

ABA Routing # 274974768

Final credit to:

FBFCU member's name

Member's account number 

Outgoing Wires 

To initiate a wire transfer, you can do so in person at Financial Builders office. To process a wire transfer you will need the receiving financial institution's information below and any additional instructions the receiving institution may require.

Institution's Name

Address and Telephone Number

Nine Digit Routing & Transit/ABA Number

Name and Account Number of the Receiving Party

What additional services do you offer? 

In addition to our convenient online services, we offer:

  • Notary service
  • Money orders
  • Coin counting

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