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Wire Transfers

Financial Builders provides domestic wire transfer services as a convenient way for you to send or receive money from another financial institution.

Incoming Wires

For an incoming domestic wire transfer to Financial Builders, simply provide the originating financial institution/sender/payer with the following information.

Wire Funds to:

Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union
ABA Routing # 271987635

Further Credit to: 

Financial Builders
2828 S Lafountain
Kokomo, IN 46902
ABA Routing # 274974768

Final Credit to:

Member's Name
Member's Account Number

Outgoing Wires

To initiate a domestic wire transfer, you can do so in person at Financial Builders office. To process a wire transfer, you will need the receiving financial institution's information below and any additional instructions the receiving institution may require.

Institution's Name
Address & Telephone Number
Nine Digit Routing & Transit/ABA Number
Name and Account Number of the Receiving Party

Please note: Financial Builders offers domestic wire transfers only. International wires are not offered.

Money Orders 

Important payments can make anyone nervous. Enjoy extra security — and peace of mind — with a money order from Financial Builders. You can purchase a money order at our main branch for any amount up to $3,000.