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As a member-owned financial institution, members pool their financial resources to help themselves and others. Once you deposit a minimum of $5 in a savings account, you become a member — not just a customer — because your deposit is considered your share of the ownership in the credit union.

As we continued to grow to better serve the community, we felt the need to make a name change that would help identify us with a broader membership. In 2008 Transmission Builders Federal Credit Union became Financial Builders ... Building your future together!

While savings and lending products are still the foundation of credit unions, our product menu has expanded over the years to include a wide variety of low-cost, high quality financial services with the latest electronic services available. We offer the services and innovative products that are the most important to our own members, including free Kasasa Cash® and free Kasasa Cash Back® checking accounts.

Join us by opening your Traditional Savings account today!