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Financial Builders Memorial Scholarship

Pursuing higher education is an admirable goal. We’d love to help you achieve it!

Financial Builders is pleased to offer the Financial Builders Memorial Scholarship. Two gifts of $1,000 will be given to two high school senior students each calendar year. This scholarship was created to honor the legacy of our former staff and volunteers including Gary J. Follin, Jack B. Williams, Bill Taflinger, and Larry Scott.

Applicants for such grants must be college-bound senior students. Immediate family members of Financial Builders employees are exempt from obtaining the scholarship. Selections and awards will be based on applicant needs and available funds. Applicants must present appropriate proof of need. Applicants are also selected on the basis of academic achievement and community involvement.

Download the PDF application to find out all the requirements and fill it out. When you’re done, you can drop it off at our main office.

Donation Requests

Helping out our North-Central Indiana neighbors is a huge part of what we do. As community members, like you, we care about the same causes and love helping out charitable organizations that align with our giving focus. Have a sponsorship or donation request? Simply fill out this form! 

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