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5 Low-Cost Holiday Family Activities


If the holidays have the family together and the budget depleted, there are still plenty of ways to have fun and rediscover family connections without spending a ton.

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Surviving the Holidays With Your Sanity Intact


It can be tough to keep holiday stress from sucking all the joy out of the season. However, it?s possible if you follow a few simple steps! Review your gift list and narrow down your recipients, or organize a group gift exchange like a Yankee Swap. Even better: Bake holiday treats as gifts! Set up and follow a budget, and don?t let the insane holiday sales provoke you into overspending on stuff you don?t need. After the holidays, be sure to actually USE the gift cards you get, and save unwanted gifts for re-gifting during the year.

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How To Prepare Your Home For Winter


Is your house ready for winter? Be sure to clean your gutters and get a roof rake to keep your roof clear of heavy snow and ice. Prune trees hanging over your roof, and drain all outdoor pipes. Indoors, seal drafty spots, switch your ceiling fans to blow up and send warm air down, make sure your vents are blowing properly and wrap any exposed pipes to keep them from freezing. Stock your storm pantry with emergency supplies and you?ll be set!

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Check Fraud and Swiss Cheese


With all the attention on high-tech fraud and scammers who steal your credit cards without ever laying a finger on them, one scam that?s decades old may have fallen off your radar. Read up on check fraud and how to avoid it!

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Credit Cards Or Debit Cards - What's The Smartest Swipe?


While credit cards offer easy budgeting, added security in case of fraud and a built-in rewards system, debit cards put a cap on spending and keep your debt in control. Find out which one is the right choice for your lifestyle!

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