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Tips for Parents of Boomerang Kids


Your adult child has finished school and is now starting a new life ? at home. According to a Pew Research Center survey, over half of parents in the U.S. with adult children say they helped their adult kids financially in the previous year. Some of that help came in the form of letting their kids move back home. If you'll be welcoming a ?boomerang? child, here are some tips to know.

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How to Tell You're Ready to Buy a House


Making the decision to become a homeowner is emotionally and financially complex.

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5 Totally Free Things You Can Do to Support Your Local Economy


Supporting your local community is a positive thing: it builds relationships, it strengthens the local economy, and it makes your neighborhood a happier and healthier place to work and play.

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How to Give Your Finances a Spring Cleaning


Ah, spring! It's the season of renewal, when we can count on longer and brighter days, the return of baseball and the urge to get the house in order.

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Refinancing Auto Loans 101


If you're paying too much in interest on your car or truck loan, refinancing could be a great way to save some serious dough.

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