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The 12 Scams Of Christmas


Ah, the holidays ? friends, food, family ? and felons! Yes, the holiday scammers are back again, and just in time to spoil their fun, Financial Builders brings you the 12 scams of Christmas. Find out what to watch for!

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Making The Holidays Count


Students, winter break is here, and while sleeping until noon is great, you?ll want to make good use of some of your down time! Reconnect with friends and family and catch up. Apply for scholarships and internships, and plan your class schedule for next semester. Be sure to get some exercise, and find some volunteer work to do to give back to your community. Finally, put some time in on your resume, cover letter and personal essays when you?ve got time to perfect them.

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7 Naughty Scams To Watch Out For This Holiday Season


Holiday season is also scam season, so be alert! Watch for phishing emails stealing your info, fake charities taking your money, and porch pirates pilfering your packages. Beware job offers that use fake websites to steal your info, and bogus sites and fake freebies offering something for nothing ? except your identity! Finally, watch for fake gift card sales peddling cards with zero value online. Enjoy your holidays safely!

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5 Low-Cost Holiday Family Activities


If the holidays have the family together and the budget depleted, there are still plenty of ways to have fun and rediscover family connections without spending a ton.

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Surviving the Holidays With Your Sanity Intact


It can be tough to keep holiday stress from sucking all the joy out of the season. However, it?s possible if you follow a few simple steps! Review your gift list and narrow down your recipients, or organize a group gift exchange like a Yankee Swap. Even better: Bake holiday treats as gifts! Set up and follow a budget, and don?t let the insane holiday sales provoke you into overspending on stuff you don?t need. After the holidays, be sure to actually USE the gift cards you get, and save unwanted gifts for re-gifting during the year.

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