Home Loans

Home Mortgage Loans

Finance your house with a loan that’s homegrown. Our lenders know local Indiana real estate and will work to get you the affordable rates and flexible terms that meet your home-buying budget needs.


Home Equity Loans

If you listen really closely, you can hear your house saying “cha-ching!” A home equity loan uses your home’s equity as collateral to finance all kinds of needs. We offer loans and lines of credit.


FHA & VA Loans

We’re proud to provide our members with special government-backed mortgage options to ease the home-buying experience and help find the most affordable rates. Learn more about our FHA and VA loans.


Construction Loans

If house hunting has left you less than impressed — or you’ve always dreamed of customizing your own home — we can help with a construction loan. We’ve got affordable rates and tailored repayment terms.


Lot Loans

There’s nothing better than the feeling of laying down roots on land you can proudly call your own. Get your own beautiful piece of Indiana land with an affordable lot loan from Financial Builders.


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